What We Do

Premium Website Design

Big Boy Digital has been serving businesses all across the country developing their presence on the web. We develop sites for everything from personal web pages, to e-commerce sites, to full-blown corporate sites. We can work with almost any budget to develop your presence on the web, while staying with you every step of the way from logo design through search engine submission. We will also host your website at very reasonable rates. At Big Boy Digital, we develop relationships, not accounts.

Custom Computers

Big Boy Digital can custom design and build your home computer, gaming rig, workstation, or server to fit the exact specifications that you require. From a small yet powerful home computer, to a 32 core processor workstation or server, Big Boy Digital can build and service your every need.

Computer Repair

Big Boy Digital has been in business for over 20 years. We have extensive knowledge and experience repairing computers of any make or model, and getting rid of those pesky viruses at the most reasonable rates. Whether it’s a software or hardware repair, virus removal, or an upgrade that you’re in need of, allow Big Boy Digital to take care of it correctly the first time. 

Network Builds & Maintenance

Big Boy Digital will design, setup, and maintain your home or office network. We work with everything from small home networks to server environment networks for large offices. We can custom design and build your network, servers, and workstations tailored to your individual needs. We also specialize in securing wireless networks, so your network remains safe from hackers. We can work with most budgets, and meet almost any space requirements that you may have. If you’re in need of networking specialists, contact Big Boy Digital.

Cord Cutting

Big Boy Digital will come and install everything you need to cut your TV bill by 50% or more, and then we’ll take the time to show you how to use your new services.

Limitless content. Watch whatever you want, whenever you want. If you don’t own a newer smart TV, all you have to buy is one little box, and the monthly subscriptions are up to you. After decades of flipping through TV channels, many of us find the promise of internet-based television too miraculous to pass up.

That’s why millions of Americans prefer streaming services – the leaner, cheaper version of televised entertainment.

Voice Controlled Home Automation

The concept of Home Automation is gaining popularity as it helps in reducing human effort and errors and thus increasing the efficiency. With the help of Big Boy Digital, you can control different appliances like lights, fans, TV, AC, thermostats etc. using only your voice. Additionally, a home automation system can also provide other features like security, alarms, emergency systems etc. which can be integrated at any time.

Contact us today to see how we can bring your home into the 21st Century.